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Free Resume Review

Sometimes, clients are concerned about their resume. They may think it is okay, but there’s just some minor missing points that can make it better. Others use their resume to apply but get no results and may want to understand from a different perspective what may be wrong with their resume. We review and provide free advice on how the resume can be improved to be more competitive and meet the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) standards.

Resume Writing Packages

Resumes should be clearly formulated and defined. It also needs to be attractive and eye-catching, but more importantly it needs to attract positive attention from both the ATS and a human resume reviewer. We create resume that will use also have keywords appropriate to the position of interest. This will enhance the resume and improve the client’s opportunity to make it past the weeding out process

Customized Cover Letters

A good cover letter helps the client to break up their presentation in a way that the hiring manager can understand. Instead of hitting the hiring manager with a bloated resume, you can customize your cover letter and explain who you are and why you are sending a resume in the first place. A customized cover letter highlights the client’s talents for the job posting or target.

Interview Prep

Interview Preps are a very good way to understand what the typical interviewer is looking for when they ask certain questions. We coach clients to understand and answer questions the right way to enhance their chances of being invited back or receive aa job offer. Our customized session to help prepare clients for the interview, overcome obstacles with the process, and them apart from the other candidates that are being interviewed. We also provide white paper/handouts study materials to help keep the information gleaned from the session fresh after the session is completed.

Career Coaching GPS

Now that client has the position you wanted, what next? How do they progress and move up?  Some people wait for the right time and luck. Hopefully someone notices them and feels they are valuable and or qualified and deserves a promotion.  That works some time but generally takes a long time and lots of luck. Our Career Coaching GPS trains clients on what it takes to move up in their profession. It helps them crystalize or narrow down the career path so that they understand what makes sense for them to pursue. It teaches them how to negotiate salaries, contest and understand their performance reviews. It also teaches them how to be proactive in building relationships and initiate discussion to fast track their careers to the next level.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

The LinkedIn profile is a very effective way to find a new job. LinkedIn gives you the ability to showcase your profile, expertise, recommendations and connections, not only is the profile the first professional impression of when recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to search for applicants but it also demonstrates credibility in your industry and highlights your expertise or knowledge. We work with clients to make sure the LinkedIn is effectively optimized, relevant and presents the type of image you wish recruiters and hiring managers to see.

LinkedIn Profile Strategy Sessions

A customized session teaches clients on how to leverage the awesome power of their LinkedIn profiles and how to use it to make productive and powerful connections and hopefully aid them in securing a job offer. to how to use the ever-changing LinkedIn platform and reviewing profiles.

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