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In a tight job market such as we have currently, recruiters are inundated with huge numbers of candidates for every job opening.  So your resume got you in the door, but how will you set yourself apart from other job seekers?

COST: $300



What will the interviewer ask and how will you respond?  Do you know what they are looking for when they ask seemingly innocent questions? How do you explain a gap in your employment?  We can help!


We can help you prepare for interviews more effectively highlighting your competencies in ways that clearly demonstrate how you will add value to your new organization’s business.

  • We will teach you what the interviewers body language is really telling you about your answers.

  • We will teach you how to answer questions to insure coverage of the interviewers’ expectations.

  • We will give you tips on responding to behavioral or competency based questions.

  • We will give you tips on how to stay ahead of the questions, in other word, you direct the interview.


  • We will teach you how to answer the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question.

And much more…

If you weigh the cost of the interview coaching against your potential salary, it makes logical sense to invest in securing assistance with both your resume and interview coaching.  In this case, the end does justify the means.


Call us today for a consultation of how we work.  Let us put our HR experience together to help you find your new job!

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