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How to be Likeable at Work

Everyone millennial goes through social media burnout at some point. Face it you’ve been on Facebook since before it opened to high-schoolers back in 2011 and now your grandma gets more like then you on her photos of her bowling trophy selfies.

It’s enough to make you delete all the profiles you’ve ever had.

But are you missing out on job opportunities because you’re shunning Linkedin?

Look. We hear you. Star Trek reruns on Netflix are Wayyyy cooler then your grandmas bowling trophies 📷🏾 but honestly. Your grandma doesn’t need a career. You do. And so does your Mom.

Here’s a tip:

For easy navigation, it’s best to keep your category names short – 1 to 2 word titles. And for a clean look on your blog’s navigation menu, we recommend max 7 categories.

Here’s how to manage your categories:

  1. Go back to the Wix Editor

  2. Head to Settings > Categories

  3. Choose the category you want to customize

  4. Click the 3 dots

  5. Click Edit

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